“Personal trainer Brian Kiselstein recommends creating a dedicated space for exercise, as “a simple reminder to help hold you accountable.” Then, only incorporate exercises you enjoy. “The best workout plan is the one you actually follow through with,””

~Architectural Digest Magazine~


Hello, my name is Brian Kiselstein.

I have ALWAYS been kind of a health nut.

I first became interested in weightlifting when I began high school. At this point in time, I started out my health journey by first eliminating fast food from my diet. 

During that time, I used to work out consistently without seeing any real progress. It wasn’t until I was 22 (After I got some serious and much needed 1 on 1 personal training) that I REALLY became obsessed.

This is when everything suddenly changed for me. It was long after that I decided to compete in my first amateur bodybuilding competition. I felt I did pretty well.

Here’s a little sneak peek of me back in the day.


Shortly after, I became a personal trainer and I knew everything there was to know.


Unfortunately, not everyone wants to be a bodybuilder (Weird, right). I learned rather quickly that if I wanted to train people correctly, I needed to adapt their workouts according to THEIR goals.  

Over the years, I have learned quite a bit MORE about fitness (being a personal trainer for nearly a decade) and found myself writing out meal plans and giving out free fitness advice CONSTANTLY.

From helping out my girlfriend and getting her on a healthier regimen, to writing fitness programs for my friends and family.

I realized that I wanted my knowledge to reach out to more than just my training clients and close friends.

I NEEDED to get my information out there!

There is just WAY TOO MUCH misleading information, scams, and lies being sold to the public. Between supplement companies pushing products to meet their quotas, and supermarkets being controlled by agribusiness lobbying, it’s nearly impossible to do healthy the right way!

In addition to too much misleading information, there is also too much controversial information.  One guru says to do things one way, and someone else’s advice is the complete opposite! Which one should you choose?

I try to be as transparent as possible, I only give advice from personal experience and attained knowledge. 

I want to provide everyone with the most up to date information that is currently working today. I only teach what I preach, I would never encourage anyone to incorporate any fitness techniques that I wouldn’t use myself.

I’ve also learned from being a father that the lifestyle I used to live in my early 20’s is no longer realistic for me or applicable to most people today.

I’ve had to adapt my fitness habits DRASTICALLY since I became a parent. That being said, my goal is to teach parents or anyone with time constraints how they can still move forward with a healthy lifestyle.

Being a parent NO MATTER WHAT should never impact your healthy lifestyle choices. Get your kids involved with you, and always take what you’ve learned and pass it onto them.

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