How to Build Muscle Fast In 4 Easy Steps

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Whether you’re the skinny guy whocan’t gain” any muscle or the girl trying tone your legs and build your butt without success, I’m here to tell you CAN DO IT!

I struggled for YEARS before I figured out the CORRECT way to build muscle and lose fat. I worked out 5 days a week, worked out my abs every day, and did cardio excessively!

Unfortunately, I stayed the same. No muscle building, no fat loss.

My first problem was I didn’t understand how the body works. It really is just simple science. The body only understands this formula: more calories in than calories out, or fewer calories in the calories out. THAT’S IT!

What I would I do is eat poorly (Deep Dish Pizza 2-3 times a week), and maybe eat 2-3 times per day. Yet, I could never figure out why nothing was changing. Well, for one I needed to change what I was eating. Yes, this does matter!!

The next big step I needed to change was HOW MUCH I was eating, because I was not consuming enough food for muscle building. Eating 2-3 times a day was NOT enough to pack on muscle.

Here are 4 Easy Steps you can incorporate to get you on the right track.


Step 1: Start Eating Correctly!

This is KEY to any of your future fitness goals. Not eating correctly is the same to your body as putting in expired oil into your engine when getting your oil changed. At some point, the engine is not going to run efficiently, or even perhaps completely break down. Apply the same analogy to your body.


If you are eating mostly junk food, your skin, health, and energy will be affected negatively. You also put yourself at risk of developing nutritional deficiencies. Which is why you NEED to consume healthy nutrient dense foods that are not processed. Once you get a handle on this, the next step is to figure out your macros (ALWAYS PROTEIN WITH EVERY MEAL, ISO 100 IS THE MOST POPULAR ONE AND THE BEST DEAL). I have a whole article on flexible dieting that explains how to calculate your macros.

Step 2. Figure Out Your Macros and Begin Tracking Your Food.

I used to take the “Eat Big Gain Big” approach. The problem I had when I took this approach was I became REALLY FAT! It was not ideal for me when summer rolled around. I had to plan months ahead of time to lose all the excess flub I put on when I was trying to build muscle. I don’t recommend this to anyone, because you will get VERY frustrated when the time comes to shed it off! This is why you need to keep track of your macros!

As I said before, I have an entire article that lays this out for you. The great thing about this approach is it works hand in hand with your goals. So obviously we are focusing on building muscle, so you want to be consuming MORE calories than you are burning.

For men and women this differs slightly. Unfortunately, there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to building muscle and losing weight.

For men when starting out, a good rule of thumb is to stay between 100-400 calories above maintenance intake per day. If you were to go anything above this, then you’re more likely to start leaning more towards gaining fat.

For women, you want to keep this range between 100-300 calories above maintenance intake per day.

The good news is there are apps out there like MyFitnessPal that already do all this tracking for you. You can also find macro calculators online such as this one.

Once you figure out your macros, start tracking!

Step 3. Figure Out Your End Goal and Adjust Your Workouts Accordingly.

Your workouts MUST coincide with your goals. If you want to build muscle, then cardio should be put on the back burner for a while. I am not saying that you should completely give up on cardio, but bear in mind that if you are doing cardio, you are going to have to increase the amount of food you are taking in to make up for lost calories!

The whole point of tracking your foods is to put on the maximum amount of muscle while putting on the least amount of fat.

You want to include a combination of different types of strength training.

  • High intensity workouts (15-20 reps) with short periods of rest (15-30 seconds)
  • Heavier compound lifts, focusing on Strength (3-5 Reps) with 60-90 seconds rest time
  • High Rep with medium intensity (10-15 Reps) with 45-60 seconds rest time

Your body consists of different types of muscle fibers.

  • Slow Twitch (Type 1) Example: Long Distance Running
  • Fast Twitch Oxidative (Type 2A) Example: 400-800 Meter Dash
  • Fast Twitch Glycolytic (Type 2B) Example: Heavy Weight Lifting (1-3 Rep Max)

The end goal here is muscle building, correct?

This why it is IMPERATIVE you attack all of these muscle fibers for maximum muscle growth.

You can achieve this if you include a COMBINATION of different types of strength training. Try to keep the body guessing, because the body naturally tries to adapt to whatever stress you are putting on it. You will see better results when you mix it up.

Step 4: Put It All Together and Make It Work!

Once you incorporate all of these steps, you are bound to have success when it comes to building muscle. Now, remember that when it comes to tracking your foods, these are merely guidelines. Unfortunately, there is no PERFECT formula. What this will do is get you as close as possible to your end goal.

 Everyone’s genetic makeup is different, and some people will need more calories than others. Some will gain muscle much faster than others. Men naturally have higher levels of testosterone, which makes it a lot easier for men to put on muscle than women.

Also, remember that these changes don’t happen overnight. Just like anything else, it takes time. Be consistent, and you WILL SEE RESULTS!

Trying to build muscle, lose fat, eat correctly, and use cardio the correct way can be a bit confusing. If you’re a little lost and need some help, check out Anabolic Running. It’s a great tool that will help you get results the correct way quickly!

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This post may contain affiliate links, please read our disclosure for more info

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