Is Cottage Cheese Good for Weight Loss? Facts You Didn’t Know

So, is cottage cheese good for weight loss?

I mean, everyone loves cheese, right?

The big question is, can cottage cheese help you lose weight and why have we been told dairy is bad for weight loss?

is cottage cheese good for weight loss

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There is a lot of controversial information about cheese and dairy in general.

Although, this particular topic’s main focus is going to be about “cottage cheese”, and should not be misconstrued with “cheese.”

Great, now that I got that out the way, let’s go over some basic history of cottage cheese.

Cottage cheese was given this historical name because of where it was made, in a cottage!  

What farmers would do is use whatever milk they had left over after churning butter, set it out near a warm place such as a fire, and let it sit out so that bacterial action could start.

This would transform the milk into a curd and voila’, cottage cheese was made!

Alright, enough with the history!

Before I cover the main topic at hand, can cottage cheese help you lose weight, let’s go over some of the fun facts you probably didn’t know about cottage cheese.

1. Contains High Levels of Vitamin B12is cottage cheese good for weight loss

Cottage cheese contains high levels of Vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12 has been shown to help lower high homocysteine levels in the blood.

High levels of homocysteine in your system can become toxic to your body and cause heart problems along with neurological issues. (1)(2)(3)

Vitamin B12 is a nutrient vegan are typically deficient in, so it if you are vegan, then you might want to consider supplementing with your vitamin B12.

2. Can treat Osteoporosis and Build Stronger Bones

The go-to statement here would be “cottage cheese has high levels of calcium to build strong bones”, which is actually only half correct.

Cottage cheese has high levels of both calcium and phosphorus.

ONLY when these two minerals are combined, do they actually become effective for helping prevent osteoporosis and building stronger bones.

Studies have proven that when you are deficient in these two minerals, you have a higher chance of developing osteoporosis. (4)

3. Helps Detox the Bodyis cottage cheese good for weight loss

Aside from phosphorous working together with calcium to provide us with stronger bones, it also provides another benefit.

It creates a healthier acid level in the body, and it also rids the body of waste. (5)

Okay, okay, now to cover the main topic!

So, Is Cottage Cheese Good For Weight Loss?


Here is how it can help!

1. Reduced Hunger & Cravings

Unlike other forms of protein sources such as poultry, fish, and beef, which are digested and broken down much faster, protein from cottage cheese is slowly digested.

This is because it is a casein protein.

Due it’s slow absorption rate, this can help eliminate hunger cravings.

High protein content, in general, has been proven to increase satiety and reduce the levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin. (6)

2. May Help Your Body Attain Ketosis

Foods that are high in healthy fats are considered okay to consume while following a keto diet.

In this particular case, cottage cheese is high in healthy fats and would be the correct choice for you if your goal is to get into ketosis.

The keto diet is a difficult diet, and I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone.

That being said, if this is the diet you choose to follow, the keto diet has been shown to be very beneficial in helping you achieve weight loss.

Cottage cheese can also provide cardiovascular benefits. (7)

3. Can Help You Lose Belly-Fat

This is where there is a lot of controversial information regarding this topic.

The main thought is, dairy is high in fat, so in turn, it makes you fat.

This may be true to SOME forms of dairy, but not all.

Cottage cheese is high in fat, but it’s high in good fats.

Also, because of it’s high protein content (8), it’s a sure fire way to help you melt away some of that unwanted belly fat.

4. Helps Build Lean Muscle

While building muscle directly doesn’t cause weight loss, the body naturally burns more calories at rest to maintain homeostasis when it has more lean body mass.

This causes the body to burn more calories, which in turn creates fat loss/weight loss.

Also, because cottage cheese contains riboflavin, the body is able to better metabolize the protein (9).

Again, this makes the body more efficient at building lean muscle tissue, thus creating more fat loss (assuming you are trying to put on lean muscle tissue). (10)(11)

Again, is cottage cheese good for weight loss?

I sure hope I answered your question, because the answer is definitely yes!

Unfortunately, there are some potential downsides to consuming cottage cheese as well.

Too much of any good thing can have consequences. Let’s cover some of the cons of having too much cottage cheese.

1. High in Sodium

Due to its high sodium content, it may cause high blood pressure and the development of cardiovascular heart disease.

One way to counter this, eat cottage cheese in moderation.

2. Unsuitable for People with Dairy Intolerance

For those of you who are lactose intolerant, some side effects may include diarrhea, bloating, gas, cramps, or an upset stomach.

Some general things to take away from this…

Make sure to choose a cottage cheese that is organic and lower in fat percentage (unless you’re following a keto diet).

It should be plain, without any fruit or added sugar.

If you want to add some flavor to it, throw some berries in there and mix it in!

So, is cottage cheese good for weight loss?

As we’ve discussed, you definitely can lose weight from consuming cottage cheese, as long as you are not overdoing it.

Eating healthy is only half the battle.

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This post may contain affiliate links, please read our disclosure for more info

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