Fast Weight Loss: 5 Steps to Doing This Correctly

Fast Weight Loss: 5 Steps to Doing This Correctly

Fast weight loss is dangerous and not recommended, you should only lose 1-2 pound per week, right?

This is NOT TRUE!

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It truly depends on how quickly you are losing weight, and how long you are on this calorie restrictive diet for one. Secondly, another major factor depends on where you’re at weight wise. The dangers of being severely obese out weigh the dangers of quick weight loss any day.

People who have more weight to lose generally lose a lot more weight faster!

I have trained dozens of people. Every-time I have seen a client successfully follow the weight loss program, the heavier individual always lost more weight at a quicker rate.

I imagine me telling them they are losing weight too quickly might not only discourage them, but probably look elsewhere for training and advice.

There are obviously extremes to every situation, but fast weight loss should not be labeled as unsafe if done correctly.

Before I tell you the steps to getting you there, lets focus on…..

 WHY you should aim for fast weight loss vs weight loss at the pace of a turtle.

1. Metabolism slows down from slow paced weight loss

The longer you are in a calorie deficit, the more your metabolism has time to slow down. What ends up happening is you have to regularly adjust your energy intake while increasing your energy output.

So, you end up having to eat less and exercise more. Once your body gets used to that, guess what, you have to adjust again!

This is what is known as “metabolic adaptation”.

Your metabolism is simply adapting to the amount of energy you are feeding your body by balancing your energy intake with your energy output.

Eventually (a long long time away from now), you will either reach your goal, or just never end up reaching it due to loss of motivation.

The next reason fast weight loss is superior to slow pace is….

2. It is Motivational

Weight loss is challenging, which is why we NEED to be able to see the results quickly. Generally, it takes about a week before we want to give up if we don’t see results we are expecting.

This is why losing weight slowly doesn’t work as well. When we see QUICK results, we are much more motivated to keep moving forward.

3. Less time spent building and toning.

I know in the past, I have done a slower paced weight loss program because of what my goals ultimately were. Obviously, it really depends on what your overall goals are. I was trying to retain as much muscle as possible because I was going on stage for a show.

For the normal humans out there, this is not necessary AT ALL!

When you finally reach your weight loss goal, you should want put on lean muscle and tone your body. During a calorie deficit, you lose your ability to build lean muscle tissue.

So if you are spending 6 months or even a year trying to lose weight, guess what?

You have less time to focus on building your body up.

Why would I want to build muscle when I’m trying to lose weight?

The more lean body mass (muscle) you have on your body, the more calories your body burns at rest!

So YES, you want muscle!

4. Being overweight is dangerous, not fast weight loss.

It is estimated that there are roughly 300,000 obesity-related deaths every year in the United States. (source)

Yet, how many deaths are there reported from people losing weight too quickly?

None that I know of.

As I said earlier, the risks of continuing to be overweight far out-weigh whatever risks are associated with losing weight quickly.

As long as your losing weight fast correctly, you have nothing to worry about.

So then how do I lose weight fast the correct way?

Let me show you!

1. Apply Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is one the quickest, easiest, and fastest eating styles to help you eliminate belly fat quickly. I myself follow this approach and recommend this to everyone trying to lose weight quickly!

What Is intermittent fasting?

It is simply an eating schedule where you go through periods of feasting and fasting.

The method I follow is the 16 -8 Method. I fast for 16 hours, and then I eat for 8. For example, I would have my first meal at noon, and have my last meal by 8 pm. There are other methods, this is just the one I like the most. If you want to learn more about intermittent fasting, be sure to check out my article on how to apply it by clicking here.

2. Do a Carbohydrate Detox

Doing a carbohydrate detox simply means eliminating carbohydrates from your diet for a “short” period of time.

This does a couple of things. For one, you lose weight VERY QUICKLY from this. Your body uses up all of its stored glycogen. So, what ends up happening is you lose a lot of water weight, and initially a little bit of fat as well (for the 1st week), Yay!

Secondly, this gives your body a chance to reset certain hormones such as insulin.

The problem with most American diets are people are becoming insulin resistant. When you consume nutrient dense foods, you should feel a “natural energy” after consuming them. What happens when you are insulin resistant is pretty much all foods do nothing for your energy levels.

The best way to reverse this is by doing a carbohydrate detox, this way when you do reintroduce carbohydrates back into your system, your body will be able to utilize them correctly!

Of course, you don’t want to detox for too long. After about a week (at the most) you want to SLOWLY reintroduce the CORRECT carbohydrates back into your system. During this detox, limit yourself to about 50 carbs a day. NO SUGAR!!

3. Consume High Levels of Protein

Research continues to try and pin down what is considered the “ideal diet”. One thing remains constant, we know for certain that protein plays a major key role in a proper weight loss diet.

Studies show time and time again that high-protein diets are going to be much more beneficial for weight loss than any diet lacking in protein.

If you are not sure how much protein to take in, try using this macro calculator.

Some examples of the proper lean protein you want to consume would be organic eggs, grass fed beef, organic chicken, organic turkey, wild caught fish such as salmon or tilapia.

When cooking these foods, be sure to use the correct type of oils such as coconut oil. I personally love cooking my chicken in coconut oil while mixing in a great lemon sauce (no added sugar of course).

4. Get Enough Sleep

Probably the biggest mistake people make!

Most if not all weight loss occurs when you are sleeping. This is the most crucial time for your body to repair itself and reset its hormones.

When you don’t’ get enough sleep (under 7 hours), you are putting your body through many unnecessary stresses.

When you don’t get enough sleep, you make poorer eating decisions due to unnecessary food cravings.

Start getting enough sleep, and you will definitely amp up your fast weight loss results!

5. Incorporate Strength Training

Strength training provides SO SO many benefits.

It is the dominant workout for burning body-fat, improving body composition, building muscle, and boosting your metabolism.

Studies have proven time and again that this is the BEST way to shed off body fat. (1), (2), (3)

Strength training should be performed AT LEAST 3 times a week, AFTER THE DETOX.

As you can see, fast weight loss can be done safely and correctly.

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This post may contain affiliate links, please read our disclosure for more info

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