How to Lose Weight Fast

How to Lose Weight Fast After 40

Getting older is grand, isn’t it?

You get to look forward to grey hair, wrinkled skin, aches and pains you didn’t know existed, and of course losing muscle while gaining weight. This is why it is EXTREMELY important to keep practicing healthy habits as we age.

How to Lose Weight Fast After 40

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How To Lose Weight Fast After 40

When we turn 40, our metabolisms take a giant halt. Suddenly the foods you ate in your 20’s and 30’s with no problem now make you look like you’re in your 3rd trimester. According to research, our metabolism slows down by 5% every ten years after the age of 40. (source).

Alright! Let’s dive in the best ways on how to lose weight fast after 40.

Step 1. Get Proper Rest

Poor sleep WILL lead to weight gain. I can’t stress this enough, get the right amount of sleep. You should be aiming for 6-8 hours of rest a night, and at least 8 hours if you put some time in at the gym.

You need to allow your body to rejuvenate and effectively regulate all of your weight loss hormones.

There are 3 major hormones that come into play regarding weight loss:

  1. Growth Hormone – hormones key role is for burning fat, building muscle, and keeping us looking young.
  2. Cortisol – Stress Hormone – plays a big role in weight gain
  3. Insulin – Hormone in the body the regulates the amount in glucose (food turned into stored energy) in the blood.

Lack of sleep throws all of these hormones out of whack. In fact, all it takes is one night of poor sleep for cortisol levels to increase, GH levels to decrease, and a greater development in insulin resistance. (source)

As we get older, sleeping becomes more of a challenge. Our bodies produce less melatonin, we spend more time in lighter stages of sleep vs deep sleep, and we experience a heap of bodily changes (aches and pains) that we didn’t in our younger years that all interfere with our sleep.

My suggestion would be to get on a consistent schedule and try getting to sleep at the same time every night. Rest is the MOST important factor in losing weight. Without it, you won’t have the energy to exercise, your hormones will be all over the place causing you to snack on unhealthy food choices, and you are LITERALLY stressing your body out.

Step 2. Drink Enough Water

Probably the next biggest mistake in the book we make.

Problem #1 -Too many people are drinking sodas, diet sodas, fruit juices, and everything in between. Whatever happened to drinking just plain old good H20? You need water to flush the body out, not to mention all the drinks I mentioned above are typically loaded with sugars and artificial sweeteners. STAY AWAY!

Problem # 2  – Too often, people mistake hunger for thirst. What ends up happening? We eat more, even when we’re not hungry.


Start drinking at least a half a liter of water before each meal. Studies show that by doing so, not only do you not end up eating as much, but you also increase your metabolism by 24-30% for up to nearly an hour and a half. (source)

Step 3. Get the Correct Meal Plan In Place

I will always advocate eating nutrient dense foods regardless of age, but it is CRUCIAL after the age of 40.

So, what should I be eating?

A good balance of complex carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, protein, and healthy fats. For a more detailed list of each of these foods, check out this article.

As we get older, our protein intake needs to be consistent. According to research, we lose on average 3-5% of our muscle mass each decade after the age of 30 (source). Try making a protein shake in the afternoon for your 1st meal.

Did you say 1st meal in the afternoon?

Yes, because you should be using your hormones to work with you, not against you. You want to incorporate intermittent fasting into your routine.

Intermittent fasting provides many weight loss benefits such as:

  • Improving Insulin Sensitivity
  • Increasing GH levels – GH levels can increase as much as 5-10 times more vs non-fasting (1)
  • Normalizing Leptin -Hunger Hormone

So, what is intermittent fasting and how do I use it?

The way I use intermittent fasting is through the 16-8 method. Typically, you would consume your 1st meal at noon (example) and continue to eat until 8 pm. After the 8-hours of feasting, you would switch over to the 16 hours of fasting where sleeping IS INCLUDED during the fast.

During the fast, you cannot have ANYTHING besides water, black coffee, or apple cider vinegar. For more detailed information on intermittent fasting, check out this article.

Step 4. Exercise

Extremely crucial as we age!

As I already mentioned, our bodies naturally lose muscle mass as we age. So, it should be in our best interest to hold onto that muscle for as long as possible.

The best way to preserve and continue to build muscle is through strength training. Strength training has countless benefits including:

  • Increases bone density
  • Decreases physical frailty
  • Burns body-fat (35% more than cardio (1)
  • Revitalizes muscle cells

Along with strength training, your exercise regimen should include 1-2 HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workouts a week. The benefits of HIIT include:

  • Increase in GH levels
  • Helps burn fat
  • Afterburn effect
  • Improved heart rate variability
  • Anti-Aging Benefits

What is HIIT?

A typical example of this would be sprinting on a treadmill for 30 seconds at 90% maximum effort followed by 2 minutes at a decreased pace, and then repeated again for roughly a 10-15-minute period. For more information on HIIT, check out this article.

Last but not least, incorporate cardio into your workout regimen.

As we age, our aerobic capacity decreases 5-10 percent every decade after the age of 25 (1). When you add cardio to your routine, you significantly reduce this effect. You should be doing cardio no less than 3-4 times a week (especially after the age of 40). No less than 20-30 minutes a day.

Tip: Walking is a great form of cardio!

Knowing how to lose weight fast can be quite challenging, even when you are following the correct steps. This is why it is CRUCIAL you have an excellent fitness and diet plan in place.

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This post may contain affiliate links, please read our disclosure for more info

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