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Pull Up Assist Band | Best Pull Up Assist Bands For 2020

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Ever struggle when trying to do a pull-up? Make your life a little easier by using a pull up assist band.

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pull up assist band

I know when I first started exercising, I found it extremely difficult to do a pull-up.

Yes, even with me being a man, I have struggled to do pull-ups. So, it’s no surprise that women might be struggling to do pull-ups too!

Does this mean pull-ups aren’t for women? 

Absolutely NOT!

Yes, it probably is easier for men to perform this exercise. 

Men are built with more lean body mass and higher testosterone levels than our female counterparts.

This obviously gives men an evolutionary advantage over women, but it still doesn’t mean women can’t do them. 

This is why incorporating strength training, in general, is extremely important for women, even more important than for men. 

Now that we’ve covered that, we should probably go over the best pull up assist bands and why you would even want to use a pull up assist band in the first place. 

Before I dive into that, let me first discuss why pull-ups are beneficial for you.

Benefits of Pull-Ups

1. Convenience

They are extremely convenient exercises to do! 

All you need is a solid bar, which you can practically find anywhere! 

If you don’t want to go hunting for one at your local gym or even your local playground, no problem! 

All you have to do is buy a pull-up bar online or at your local sporting goods store to use in the convenience of your own home.

2. Use’s Many Different Muscles

Another great benefit of incorporating pull-ups into your workout routine is the number of muscles that are worked from this one single exercise. 

A pull-up alone works out your triceps, biceps, forearms, wrists, lats, shoulders, and of course your core. 

This alone makes it one of the best bodyweight exercises you possibly utilize.

3. Many Different Variations

No one wants to do the same workout routine every time, it gets boring! 

This is what makes pull-ups so awesome, it doesn’t ever have to get dull. You so many different options:

  • standard pull-up
  • Chin-up
  • Reverse grip pull-up
  • negative pull-up
  • Side-to-side pull-up
  • Commando pull-up
  • Spiderman pull-up
  • And so many more…

4. Great For Burning Body Fat

Strength training, in general, is a great way to melt off body fat.

In fact, strength training has been proven to be even more effective than cardio when it comes to improved body composition and lower body fat percentages. (source)

5. Improves Strength and Makes Your Back Stronger

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s true. 

We all know that weight lifting and performing bodyweight exercises have the potential to improve your strength. 

What you probably didn’t know is you can also improve your posture as well.

6. Improves Your Forearm (Grip) Strength

As we discussed before, pull-ups are a body weight exercise, and your forearms are just one of the many muscles being utilized during this exercise. 

This is important a lot of other functional exercises. 

Anywhere from gripping dumbells, kettlebells, holding on to that dog leash a little tighter, or even opening that peanut butter jar with a little more ease.

The Benefits Of Using a Pull-up Assist Band

  1. First off, having that little extra assistance is going to help improve your upper body strength because you can perform the exercise correctly with the full range of motion. 
  2.  You will understand how to do the exercise correctly, but you will also understand what an actual pull up feels like all the while still being able to get your chin above the bar.
  3. The will also be able to do all different types of variations when it comes to pull-ups. You can do chin ups, pull ups, wide grip pull ups, close grip pull ups, etc. The point is, you will have the option to do pull-ups in many different ways now.
  4. With the use of resistance bands, you will be able to push out more reps giving you a more intense and better quality workout
  5. They are lightweight and easily portable, making it easy to use anywhere including your house, the gym, or even a kids playground.
  6. They are relatively inexpensive, making it an affordable option for the people who don’t want to spend a fortune on fitness equipment or a gym membership.

Having pull up bands will further allow you to develop your back muscles, eventually allowing you to lower the tension needed to assist you. Who knows, maybe you can even progress enough to not need the assistor to do a pull-up anymore!

Regardless, I still use them because I like being able to mix it up.

There are some movements I can perform much better with a pull-up assistor that allows me to target my lats, traps, and rhomboid (upper back)  muscles much more effectively.

Here are a couple different exercises you can include to mix up your pull up routine.

1. Isometric Holds – 

meaning I can get to one position and hold it there for as long as possible.

For this exercise, you want to keep your core nice and tight and hold that position for as long as possible.

pull up assist band

2. Side to Side or Angled Pull-ups –

Pull up bands have allowed me to do this with ease, giving me the opportunity to isolate my lats much more effectively.

For this exercise, you want to pull yourself up to one side, then slowly lower yourself.

Then again pull yourself up to the opposite side.

3. Negative Pull-Ups

This is when you SLOWLY lower yourself down from a pull-up.

Not only does this allow you to really target and fire the lats more effectively, but also help really helps developing up body strength.

4. Commando Pull-ups –

For this exercise, you want to start by overlapping your hands so that you are parallel to the bar.

Next, you want to pull yourself and alternate your head to each side of the bar.

You are going to want to keep your core tight so that you DON’T rotate, keep it nice and tight.

5. Typewriter pull-ups –

You want to first start by pulling yourself up towards one side (angled) while fully extending the opposite arm and rotating your hand so that it is resting on the bar.

Next, hold yourself at that static height and slide yourself to the other side, and repeat.

Now that we have a couple of different exercises to work with, let’s cover the best pull up assist bands.

Before I go into this too deep, let’s review the two different types of pull up bands.

Pull-Up Assist Band With Footing Insert

pull up assist band

There are a couple of different products nearly identical to this one.

Let’s cover the pros of using this type of pull- up assist band:

  • Has a foot insert “specifically designed” to assist in a pull-up exercise
  • Durable
  • Adjustable bands can be inserted into designated slots to change assistance level
  • Height adjustable placement for footing
  • Can Simply remove one of the three bands for adjusting tension levels

Here are some of the cons of using this type of pull up assist:

  • It’s a little heavy
  • Designed “only” for pull-ups
  • Typically a little more expensive than their competitor’s pull-ups assistance bands.

Let’s take a look at the other “type” of pull-up assist band

Pull-Up Assist Band Without Footing Insert

pull up assist band

There several different competitors with this specific design as well.

Let’s go over some of the specifics of this design and how it compares to the other pull up assistor.

As you can see there are several different tension levels you can choose from. The bands are 41″ inches in length.

They also can be used for a variety of different exercises other than solely a “pull-up”.

So, the pros of using this type of pull-up assistor are:

  • There are a variety of different exercises you can perform
  • Easily portable for use “anywhere” including your local gym
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Cheaper than their competitor
  • For a pull up specifically, you have the option of kneeling, standing, or even sitting when performing a pull-up exercise

Here are some of the cons:

  • Not as durable as there competitor
  • Not as many features regarding height adjustability for your footing

Alright, now let’s go over how to use the pull-up assist bands.

How to use the pull-up assist band with the foot insert

  1. Grab the top part of the band that has a hook on it
  2. Hook it onto the pull-up bar with the hook facing away from you and make sure it locks in place
  3. Take your elbow from the cable pocket, and measure it up to the hand buckle (clip).
  4. Insert your foot into the designated foot insert, and begin your pull up(s).
  5. (Optional) If the pull up is too easy, simply remove one of the three bands from the bottom.
  6. (Optional) To remove the band from the bottom, simply stretch out the band and pull it out (only remove from the bottom). Test it out to see what the appropriate amount of resistance is for you.


 How to use the pull-up assist band without the foot insert

pull up band

  1. Hook the band on the pull-up bar by hooking the band over the bar.
  2. Next, pull the band through the loop creating a knot so that the band is now locked and secured to the bar.
  3. Next, put your foot in the loop at the bottom of that band
  4. Keep your leg nice and straight, and begin pull-up.
  5. (optional) Grab a second resistance band, and repeat steps 1-2, and put your foot through both loops. Now you have more resistance to help you (if needed).

Alright, now let’s cover some of the different brands to compare prices and products.

Well first start off by reviewing the resistance bands that can be used for multiple different uses.


pull up assist band


With , you are given the option to purchase the entire set, or you can buy each band individually.

By far the best pull up assist bands available today.

Features :

  • 41″ Band Sets
  • Great For Pull-ups, Calisthenics, Stretching, Powerlifting
  • Free Training Guide Included

Pros :

  • Made From Premium Sri Lankan Latex
  • Crafted Through Multi-layering Process
  • Full Customer Support
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee
  • Amazing Pricing!

Cons : 

  • None 

#2. WODFitters

pull up assist band

With WODFitters, you can buy the whole set or you can purchase a single band separately.

This is an all-around good quality product.  Definitely one of the best pull up assist bands available on the market today. Well known for being exclusively used by Dr. Ian Smith on The Rachael Ray Show. Ideal for targeting both slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibers.

The grey band provides 230-250 pounds of assistance.

For the blue band, it provides tension from 60-175 lbs

For  the green band, the tension weight is between 50-125 lbs

The purple band provides tension for 40-80 lbs

The black band provides tension weight from 30-60 lbs

Finally, the red band gives an extra 10-35 lbs of assistance

What the consumers are saying about this product – 

Pros :

  • Thicker Carry Ultra Tough Construction and Durability
  • Exclusive Safe-Stretch Technology
  • High-Quality Latex
  • Phone Customer Support
  • No BS Lifetime Warranty
  • Best Product Available On The Market

Cons : 

  • More expensive

So, what does this all mean? 

The numbers indicate “how much” help or assistance that the band is going to provide you.

Let’s do some simple math here.

If you weigh 130 lbs and the band you are using provides 75 lbs of assistance, then you are pulling up roughly 55 lbs.

Typically, the thicker the band, the more assistance you are going to get.

The thinner the band, the less assistance you will get.

Remember I explained earlier if you need more tension resistance (assistance), you can always add another band to help you out. 

The other option is to use a thicker band so you do not need two different resistance bands.

You’re going to have to test which tension level is right for you.

#3. WODNATIONpull up assist band

WODNation, another similar competitor to URBNFit, with nearly identical weight variations.

What the consumers are saying about this product – 

Pros :

  • Good customer service
  • Good overall quality product

Cons :

  • Individually sold bands are a little pricey
  • Thinner bands tend to snap and break
  • Pinches skin

The blue band is 2 1/2 inches wide with an assistance level of 65-175 lbs 

The green band is 1 3/4 inches wide with a tension assistance rated between 5-125 lbs

The purple band’s total thickness is 1 1/8 inch wide while giving anywhere from 40-80 lbs of assistance

Their black band is 13/16 of an inch wide and can provide 30-60 lbs of assistance 

The red band is the thinnest at a 1/2 wide can give 10-35 lbs of assistance


pull up assist band

INTEY offers 4 different levels of resistance, compared to their other competitors with usually 5 different levels. 

What the consumers are saying about this product – 

Pros :

  • Great price
  • Nice travel bag

Cons :

  • Not as durable as the other competitors (wear and tear faster)
  • Tend to snap or break if over-stretched

The green band provides 50-125 lbs of assistance

Next, the purple band assists with 35-86 lbs of tension resistance

The black band provides 25-65 lbs of assistance

Finally, the red band assist between 15-35 lbs of tension resistance


GARAGE FIT offers 5 different resistance bands.

What the consumers are saying about this product – 

Pros :

  • Good Price
  • Stronger quality on the thicker bands
  • Good customer service (if exchanges are needed)


  • Leaves a rubber rust/residue on some items it comes into contact with
  • Thinner bands tend to snap from overstretching

The yellow band provides 2-5 lbs of resistance (1/4 inch thickness)

The red band gives 15-25 lbs of resistance (1/2 inch thickness)

The black band provides 50-75 lbs of resistance (7/8 inch thickness)

The purple band gives 100-120 lbs of resistance (1 1/8 inch thickness)

The green band provides 120-175 lbs of resistance (1 3/4 inch thickness)


MUMMY STRENGTHoffers 5 different levels of resistance bands.

The prices vary for each individual band, the thicker the band the more expensive.

What the consumers are saying about this product – 

Pros :

  • Lifetime Warranty!
  • Stronger quality on the thicker bands
  • Good customer service (if exchanges are needed)
  • Resistance load varies from 5 -175 pounds


  • Pricey
  • Individual bands are all sold separately

Alright, now that we’ve covered the multi-use resistance bands, let’s review the ones specifically for pull-ups. Even though it’s slightly pricier than some of the other models, it’s still rated as one of the best pull up assist bands available on the market. 

#7. P90X Chin-up Max pull up assist bandP90x Chin-up Max

has a variety of different levels that can be easily by simply removing one of the three band.

This product is reasonably priced for what you are getting.

What the consumers are saying about this product – 

Pros :

  • Wide loop to easily fit foot into the holder
  • A good quality product from most reviewers

Cons :

  • Bands that come with the product don’t provide enough assistance
  • Sometimes the bands pop out of the holder
  • Footing material wears away too quickly
  • Pricier than the other types of resistance bands

#8. Frost Giant Fitness 

Frost Giant Fitness is another competitor for the P90x Chin-up Assist

What the consumers are saying about this product – 

Pros :

  • Comes with bar grip
  • Comes with a portable carrying pouch
  • A good quality product from most reviewers
  • Great value

Cons :

  • Bands that come with the product don’t provide enough assistance
  • Occasionally clip snaps off
  • Footing material wears away too quickly


INNSTAR is another model similar to the P90x.

What the consumers are saying about this product – 

Pros :

  • Good quality product overall
  • Cover over bands to protect your skin from pinches or burn

Cons :

  • Not a lot of customer reviews
  • Pricier than the other types of resistance bands

#10. Lifeline Pullup Revolution

pull up assist band

Lifeline Pullup Revolution is very similar to its competitors

What the consumers are saying about this product – 

Pros :

  • Good quality product overall
  • Easily clips right on to bar for ease of use

Cons :

  • Bands start to wear and fail after roughly 6 months of use
  • Pricier than the other types of resistance bands
  • The straps are difficult to pull out of slots

As you can see, there are several different options.

There is no reason to not be able to do pull-ups because there are many different affordable options to chose from. 

You don’t need to be the incredible hulk or some fitness expert.

You don’t have to get a gym membership to start using machines either.

Just because you are a woman doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be doing pull-ups.

With the use of a resistance band, you should be doing pull-ups with ease in no time.

All you need is a bar to get started.

As we’ve discussed, you definitely can lose weight from performing a pull-up exercise, especially when you have the help of a pull-up assist band.

Although, exercising is only half the battle.

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